Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's Get Into the Garden in January!

The Ozarks is always an interesting place to live in the month of January, but there are still items to be done for the garden. Typically, we will get a few good days of weather during the month, so that can also provide an opportunity to do some outdoor maintenance. (As I write today, it is 58 deg in Springfield, Missouri.) Here are some of the agenda items for the New Year.

1. Now is the time I put together my seed order for the next year. I like to go through my current seed inventory thoroughly, to make sure I use up old seeds first. Then, I place an order with my favorite seed dealer! I want to put in a plug for the Baker Creek Seed Company of Mansfield, Missouri. There are heirloom seed company with great customer service, and seeds that can actually produce useful new seeds. Many hybrid plants of today lose this ability. Just so you know, I receive no compensation for plugging my friends at Baker Creek! They’re just good business people! (Free, though, to tell them you found them on my blog!) You can find them at!

2. I also like to get out and “turn over” my garden in January. As I add compost, it helps to thoroughly blend everything. It also helps to kill off bugs that need to stay out of my garden! It is one of the best pesticide plans I have ever used. Work that soil and it will pay dividends in the spring!

3. You can also continue to work with a greenhouse. You just have to make sure the temperature stays high enough not to kill plants. This year, the weather has been cold enough, in the Ozarks, to finish off my greenhouse. Just got too cold. (Drat that Farmer’s Almanac!) I will probably not start anything else until it is time for starting spring seeds. However, given temperature and ability, growing through the winter is an option.

I hope you will take the time to enjoy the month of January, and the opportunity it brings to get that garden in shape. Being a good Irish family, the planting season will be back soon, and we intend to be ready!


Ray Province
The Celtic Ozark Garden.

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