Saturday, July 17, 2010

What to do with Squash

As we got home from vacation, we found ourselves overrun by squash. As you might expect, it was too large for optimal use. So, what to do with squash that is too large is our subject.

My first task always involves harvesting some seed. I choose a big, healthy squash and take out some seed. I clean as much junk off as I can. Then, I place the seeds in a bowl, add water, and cover with plastic wrap.

Eventually, the left over gunk will spoil. The seeds will be fine. I will finally scoop off the gunk, and be left with water and seeds. I'll drain the water, and set the seeds in a paper towel for a bit to dry. Once the seeds are completely dry, they can be stored in a dark cool place. The difference: there will be no gunk on the seeds to spoil them later.

Another good use of overgrown squash is for breads. Many people make zuchinni bread, but you can make that type of sweet bread with any squash. Use an old fashion grinder to grind. Then put it in freezer bags raw. Pull one out when you are ready to make bread.

I also like to add oversize squash to cornbread muffins. We have also slices it in small chunks and baked it like you would a butternut squash. Add some butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon and you have yourself something.

So, don't throw that old squash out. Use it! I think I'm hungry now.

Raymond C. Province, M.A.
Celtic Ozark Solutions

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