Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomatoe Tricks from My Dad

It will soon be time in the Ozarks for me to plant tomatoes in the Celtic Ozark Garden. We have had them growing in a green house for some time now. Our goal is to get them to around 8 inches tall by the time they hit the ground in May. In the Celtic Ozarks, the weather is not warm enough for tropical tomatoes until early May. We are, in fact, just reaching our last potential frost date. The lettuce may love this hot/cool weather, but the tomatoes will not. So, avoid the temptation to run to Wal-Mart and grab the tomatoes, unless you can keep them in full sun indoors, or in a green house. Once your nights can stay above 50 degrees, the tomaotes will be happier. That's a trick my dad taught me early.

Another trick my dad taught me was how to grow big tomatoe plants, and I have to say that the secret is getting a big root system. When my plants get to be 8 inches or so tall, I have enough plant to turn them into big roots. Once it is time to plant, I dig a trench around 5-6 inches deep. I strip off any branches on the tomatoe plant that are not part of the top most leaves. Then, the whole plant gets put into the ground, except for 1-2 inches of the top. Now all that plant will start a root system like none other. That's another trick my dad taught me early.

I will blog about more soon. If you would like to read more of these tricks, though, you can check out this article on Food Supply It will take you further into the plan. Here is to having big tomatoes come from your Celtic Ozark Garden.

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