Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Crop Time

In the last couple of days, we were able to get our spring garden in the ground. In the Ozarks, we are setting about 4 weeks out from our average last frost date of April 15th. So, there are lots of crops ready to hit the ground.

I have added lettuce, spinach, onions, endive, carrots, and snow peas. And of course you can't have an Irish wife and not plant potatoes. Now is the time to get them in. In an earlier article, we mentioned we already had our corn salad planted. All of these types of crops can be sown directly into the ground. You don't even have to plant deeply for most. I do cover my onions and peas. For the next two weeks, it ought to be a good time to plant through much of the Central United States. Southern states are ahead of us, and it is a bit early yet for the northern most states.

We were blessed with a 60 degree day today, and my wife Robin was off work. So, we were able to bring all our plants outside for the day (the ones we have had growing a couple of weeks now in seed planters inside. I am sure the plants have enjoyed the sun.

So, get with it! St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. It's time to get your Celtic Ozark Spring Garden in the ground. In our next article, we will talk about broccoli and cabbage.

We'll talk again soon,

Ray Province
The Celtic Ozarkian

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