Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomatoes are On Their Way

Well the garden season is well under way in the Celtic Ozark Garden. I have officially gotten sprouting tomatoes. The tiny seeds are starting to come to life, in their little mini pots. Nestled away in the spare bedroom, they will soon be ready for even more sun. I don't want them to get too "leggy" by only getting a half a day of sun.

This year, I have started three varieties: a return visit will be made from the Illini Red, from my home state of Illinois. I have also brought back the beefsteak tomato. I didn't grow any last year, and really missed the size of this monster. There is nothing like being able to cover the whole piece of bread in one slice.

Finally, a new comer will be in my summer garden this year. I have started some Arkansas Travelers. They are always a popular tomato in the Ozarks, so I thought I would get on the band wagon this year.

In the beginning, the seeds need a good soil and water more then anything else. So, you have to make sure you keep your seeds well watered. Since my tomatoes are in the spare bedroom, I use a spray bottle to bring them water. It keeps down on the mess. It is obviously a different matter if you have a greenhouse ready to go, or some other sunny room with water near.

Once they get their first two green leaves out, I am going to want them to get more sunlight. This will help them take off. Water will still be important, but not as much. I just keep the soil moist at that point.

Regular watering will help to keep the plant healthy throughout the growing season. Too little water, then too much water, can cause the tomatoes to develop a disease called "blossom rot." Practicing the art of consistent, regular watering will get you ready to keep your tomaotes healthy all year.

The tomatoes are on their way. In just a couple of weeks, it will be time to get more going.

We'll talk again soon,

Raymond C. Province
Celtic Ozark Garden

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underthegypsytree(at) said...

Our birds have returned and the snow is starting to melt and I can walk in my yard without falling in snow pits. *sighs* Finally spring has come to my rescue